Adam Kowalczyk

Dr Adam Kowalczyk obtained a MSc in applied mathematics in 1975 and PhD in mathematics in 1978, both from Warsaw University of Technology. He worked as lecturer in mathematics for Warsaw University Technology (1978-1981) and University of Baghdad, Iraq (1981-1983) before migrating to Australia. He worked for Telstra Research Laboratories in 1984-2003 and Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre 2003-04, in Melbourne, Australia. Currently he is a Principal Researcher with Statistical Machine Learning, NICTA, Canberra, establishing bio-informatics research group.

His research focus evolved over years from differential geometry through singularities of function and their applications in physics to machine learning and its applications to telecommunications, biology and medicine.

Adam Kowalczyk earned a number of distinctions, including Distinguished Research Fellow in 1999 from Telstra and the winner of the KDD Cup 2002, the prestigious international data mining competition, for co-development of the most accurate predictor for Yeast Gene Regulation Prediction task.

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