Tentative Topics

Detailed abstracts can be found under the link for each speaker

Alex Smola Exponential families
Nic Shraudolph Rapid stochastic gradient descent
Satinder Singh Reinforcement Learning
Michael Littmann Real World Reinforcement Learning
Markus Hegland Sparse grid methods
Olivier Bousquet Statistical Learning Theory
Terry Caelli ML for image processing
Tiberio Caetano ML for image processing
Klaus-Robert Mueller Brain computer interfacing
Sathiya Keerthi Optimization for kernel methods
Rao Kambhampati Planning and Learning
Volker Tresp Dirichlet Processes and Nonparametric Bayesian Modelling
Thomas Hofmann Information Retrieval
Bernhard ScholkopfLearning with kernels
Adam KowalczykAnti-Learning

The speaker and subject list is subject to change

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